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Luna Park Melbourne Visit

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Ok, yesterday (29th) I went to Melbourne's Luna Park with my family and cousins. Really, I don't know why everybody puts down Luna Park, It really is a good day out. Considering we stayed from 11:00 to 6:00!! Anyway, we got to the gate at around 11:00 and there was a line coming out of the mouth and around the corner into the park!!!!! :blink::o . All the times I have been to Luna Park I've never seen so many people. People were still buying tickets after Luchtime! Anyway, we got our yellow bands on and headed over to the Scenic Railway. Even thuogh it's rough and really old, It still is a quality wooden rollercoaster. We ended up getting the front 2 seats, which made the ride alot smoother. The drop through the tunnel after the first drop gives you some really good airtime. We only did it once cause after lunch the line went all the way to the bumper cars. Beleive me, it was PACKED! After that the smaller kids did the silly serpent and the elephant ride. While they did that I went on the Pharohs Curse. This was my first time on the ride and didn't know what to expect. The restraint system is very simular to the Wipeout's, just that you don't have a OTSR. This thing, I swear, hangs you up side down for atleast 5 to 10 seconds on the last revolution. Anyway, best ride in the park but left me with sore legs. <_< . I did this ride 2 more times during the day because the line was so short. After this we had lunch and headed over to the twin dragon. I've been on this ride before, but the smaller cousins had not been on it. They, suprisingly, enjoyed it (being only 5 I thought they were going to start crying!). Infact everybody loved the ride so much, we ended up doing it more than 5 times!! (the lines went quickly cause of the 40 people at a time capasity!!) After the twin dragon we headed over to the "portable galaxy coaster that has broken down many times". Yes, you guessed it, Metropolis. The coster has some good speed, fast banked turns and two awsome drops, which gives some alright airtime over the top of the 2nd hill. We did this twice because minmum wait was 15min. After this we did the Enterprise and Spider. The Enterprise was better than the one in Dreamworld cause you don't have anything to hold you in(Not even a strap). Anyway, we did the spider, which was nothing special, except we ended up in a carrige that spinned alot, which made it more exciting. The spider also had the longest wait - around 25mins. We only went on it once. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys but Luna Park has got this thing called Prison Break Live. It's open until the end of these school holidays. It's basically a marque tent with a maze inside it. BUT, LP did a really good job with it. The line was long but it moved fast. Here is my review: WARNING!!! **SPOILERS AHEAD** They put you into groups of 4-6 and you walk into a dark room were there is a t.v playing scenes from the Prison Break series ad a door infront of you. And to the left there is a very bright yellow light which blocked your veiw from what was behind it. We were confused at what to do, so me being the closest to the door reached for the handle. As I reached for the door handle, a guard shot a cap gun and came out from the bright yellow light (I nearly dropped the F bomb cuase it scared the crap out of me!!). The guard had cuts and gashes on his face which looked pretty realistic. He told us to hold onto each others shoulders when going through the prison, as it is very dark and you might get lost. You go though the door and the maze is made up of metal wired gates and there is artificial smoke and strobe lighting. The slogan for the ride is "Find your own way out", so I had to lead the group through the maze. The are also people dressed up as prisoners that scare you and direct you to the exit. Some just walk past and stare at you while other pop out and scare the living-daylights out of you!! Overall, it was one of the best "scary attractions" I have been on. And it is soooo much better than the crappy Ghost Train. Everybody came out laughing, including me. Anyway, these holidays go down to Luna Park if you can, cause it is worth it. Only if you go for the bigger, faster rides and Prison Break, it still is a great day out. Oh, make sure you don't go on a weekend. Cause the lines were long on a friday let-alone on a sat or a sunday! CoasterBoy6

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Off peak Saturdays is the best day to go. My sisters & i go during the warmer months on Saturdays as they are open from 11-11. So you can stay for 12 hours if you wanted. But as we live in Footscray we get there @ around 12 pm stay till 4 pm. Go home then @ 7pm we go back for another 2 - 2.5 hours. It's a great day out.

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Yeah its kinda long lines because it's the holiday season hehe but once you get the ticket it's all good. What I do with the Pharohs Curse is I lift my legs up when the bar comes down that way the bar doesnt go allll the way down on my legs and they don't get squashed :) Enterprise is so much better than the reef diver not only does it go fully around but you really get the feeling of gravity holding you in since you aren't strapped in. You should def wait to go again once school hols are finished and go on sat as dreamworld_rulz said, 12 hours at LPM is great fun and there's heaps and heaps of food places around that area if you get hungry and don't feel like paying LP prices for food.

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