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Anyone heard anymore about the Seaworld Coaster Rumor?

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Just wondering, as I got a seaworld season pass last week (Family all got one, so I went along, the Half price thing). Hadn't been in like 10 years (I'm 20 now, so I was 10 then, obviously not a theme park enthusiast). Firs tthing i noticed is how beautiful the park is. The gardens and shops etc, not to mention fairly good theming all the way through the park, I was very impressed. Look forward to the waterpark in summer, would almost be the best slides around now, with teh only speedslide and the awesome freefall (wet'n'wild have neither of these). The snorkling part of shark bay is gonna be amazing, you get to swim with tropical fish and small sharks :D

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Currently, I'm not aware of any coaster rumours. There has been some talk of an impulse (haven't heard anything about this in the park mind you). There is also a in park survey which askes guests to nominate what they would like to see at the park in the future, and one of the options is a roller coaster. At the moment, my understanding is that there will be a new major ride after Shark Bay, Seal Rocks, and the possible expansion of cartoon beach (possibly a costume character stage show). The current thinking is that a new ride will be built between Corkscrew and Bermuda. However, this probably won't happen for 3 or 4 years yet. ZZ, good to hear you enjoyed going to the park! I'll probably see you at some point during the year :)

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I can Imagine Seaworld with an impulse It's just a nice little(tall), compact coaster that would fit nicely into the park, standing out but not ruining the theme of the park I reckon it would be great ride but I don't know how many times you could re-ride it. Shaun :sw:

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