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Blazing Saddles Arcade

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Has anyone on this board ever had a fairly big win in the arcade at Movie World? When I was there in July I wanted one more go on WWF before we left but nobody else did, so me and my mother walked up the back to go on it and when we got off we went around and past the arcade so we stopped there. I put two dollars in the Cyclone machine and won about 5 tickets, and I had one dollar left, put it in, pressed the button and won the jackpot of 2480 tickets! So here were Mum and I selecting prizes which took about 20 minutes because nothing had a value over about 400 tickets, while we had another three people waiting at the fountain for us. We got back there and they weren't very happy for waiting, but I was very happy because I had just won what the operator said had been about three weeks worth of the Jackpot building up, and when I got home I worked out I had won more than $180 worth of merchandise. I was very happy indeed. Sorry about wasting your time but I just wanted to tell somebody. And I've attached a scan of the token the guy wrote how many tickets I won on.


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Its only because its very tucked away and not many people realise its there, I really like the area because it isnt too packed and you can play anything you like without waiting for someone else to finish.

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Everytime I've been to MW, I've NEVER seen anyone in the Blazing Saddles Arcade.
That's because it's over near the Scooby Exit. When peeps come in from the matrix they don't look over in that area so they end up not seeing it.

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