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To all those who are interested...

Further to my day to day work as a landscape architect, I re-create places, landscapes and architecture, which no longer exist. These include places I have visited, and those I see a strong public attachment to, which have been demolished or altered. 

I am currently putting together a model of the demolished Tomorrow's Harvest (formerly adjacent the Big Pineapple, Qld), to be viewed as a 3D walkthrough and VR experience. 

Before I delve into some of the progress I firstly would like to extend thanks to all who have uploaded images and footage of the Big Pineapple and Tomorrow's Harvest to date. It is incredibly useful, as reference material has been hard to come by. This parkz thread has been useful, but the youtube video within the post has been made private - I would love to see it and any other footage of tomorrow's harvest that may be floating around the web (some drone footage has been handy). I have already come across the Burnt Feather Blog and a few of the photos on Flickr. The book 'Our Sweetest Icon' has also been useful.

As with previous projects, I have been using autocad, sketchup, and enscape to produce the model. I created the underlying frame structure some time ago, but left the whole project on hold for three years. I refer to historic aerial maps via nearmaps to gauge the dimensions, in addition to the photographs. Tomorrow's Harvest was a low-key flume ride that focused on agriculture through the ages. The interior was lined with crops and sub tropical flora, and the sporadic appearance of animatronic robots were amongst the other memorable features (foreshadowing AI perhaps). There elements will be added, plus the cave and other internal structures. 

Feel free to reach out with any comments, links, photos and footage you may have! It is great to read the heritage listed Big Pineapple has been given a facelift!   

Tomorrows Harvest structure2.jpg

Tomorrows Harvest structure.jpg

240617_Tomorrows Harvest.jpg

240617_Tomorrows Harvest2.jpg




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