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Hey Guys (and Gals), I've been putting this off for a while...but now I can finally sit down and do it. My WWW Trip Report. I got back from my holiday with family on Tuesday. It was great. I love QLD. Now, on to WWW. 17/1/07 Wednesday The day beforehend we were all set to go and called the toll free hotline to double-check the opening times. Sure enough it said 9am. So the next day we went and arrived pretty much on 9 o'clock. I thought we were screwed and the queues would be extremely large by the time we got there. But it turns out the park opened at 10am. <_< . :angry: . We attempted to go to guests services to complain, with many other people...but what d'ya know - that's not opening either! Ladies sitting in there just chatting away whilst a pack of people are trying to get in. So anyway we ended up getting inside the park at around 9:30 - 9:45. So we put evrything into lockers, which cost $8 in change. We only brought $7 change. <_< . We ended up converting a note into change at guests services - and also complained about the incorrect opening times on the hotline. I mean, it didn't particularly effect us too much. But it's just so frustrating when these things happen. And there's people coming down from further up than Brisbane, or coming up from down further Tweed. They have to get up really early so that thaey can just get there on time and enjoy the full day. Anyway, that's just what I think. We had to wait until 10 until they actually let us into the main park area/rides. We immediatelyhead over to the RIP.We would have been first ones on - but we had thongs on! So we took them down to the bottom of the stairs and came back up and went on. It's great!It's such a great feeling dropping down in the tunnel then whizzing around the bowl. We all loved that so much that we went up and did it again. Shannon Noll was in the park that day. Not singing or anything - just in the park. And he and about 6 others got escorted infront of us the second time that we queued for the RIP and quite a few other times. Pretty annoying since everyone else always has to wait in the queue - except for that time I got escorted to the front of the queue at SE :D . Anyway, after the RIP we secuered two deckchairs at the Cave Of Waves. My brother and I then headed over to SuperTubes HydroCoaster where the line was nearly as long as the height of Giant Drop. So after a while of waiting and watching in awe as the rafts sped up the hills - and also listening to people say things like "Wow, I wonder the raft gets up the hill - It must be going pretty fast" :huh: we eventually got on. It's so great, it's just like a roller coaster on water. It's really fun going up and over the hills and get a big splash of water in your face everytime you go into a tunnel. Brialliantly designed and a good layout. After that we all went on the Green Room, where the queue wasn't as long and moved a lot faster. From the top of the queue you could see Batwing Spaceshot down the road. Couldn't see Superman ESCAPE though. Dropping into the Green Room is so great, especially doing it backwards.You get masses of water splashed all over you. After that we all did STHC. After that my bro and I head over to the BRO. I was nervous because of what I had heard on the forums here about the size of the tunnels and being stuck and claustrophobic. Anyway, before I knew it I was kneeling before tunnel 5. The op blew the whistle and I leapt into the tunnel and tried to go as fast I could so I wouldn't get stuck. Well I came first. :D . And my brother who wasn't scared of ebing stuck at all, did. but only temporarily. I'm not quite sure what happened, he didn't really explain it well - something to do with losing his mat. Anyway we all had lunch. We didn't buy we just had home-made rolls. I wasn't really too fussed. Food was really the last thing on my mind since I was having so much fun. And I was so happy I could actually walk through the water fountain things that are near CoW. I've never been able to do that at a park before, because I'v never had swimmers on. My bro and I headed over to Nick Pipeline Plunge, not really expecting anything great. But it was really quite fun. It was like It was constantly raining. Just water EVERYWHERE. It was really cool. The highlight of it though was the tipping bucket - That was awsome. Just this mass of water crashes down on you. After that my bro and I headed over to Temple Of Huey. We decide to just do Broken Headz (purple). I was hoping that the Cyclone would whiz past us whilst we were on the slide, but it didn't. It was an alright ride, It wasn't bad, but it wasn't overly spectacular. What I thought was great though were tiny holes that let the light in that made them look like little stars in the dark tunnel. After that we went In to Nick Pipeline Plunge again. We loved that bucket :P . After that we headed over to the BRO again for a second run. My bro got stuck again...but it wasn't as bad this time, he just slowed down. But I came in first again - somehow. :huh: I love it on the BRO how you rush past the seemingly glowing blue 'ring' sections. We went in to CoW for a little splash around in there. We then both went to the Green Room for a third time and that was our last ride. So that's pretty much it. So overall the day was great, the rides and attractions were fun and enjoyable, the food and drink prices were pretty high - but hey what else is new. I strongly reccomend the park to everyone - of all ages. I don't know how good its is compared to Wet 'n' Wild, as I have never been - but WhiteWater World was a really good day out. Here are some pictures: post-1179-1169771155_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169771339_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169771660_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169772578_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169772787_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169772958_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169773102_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774042_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774189_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774530_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774711_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774885_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774957_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169774999_thumb.jpg post-1179-1169775031_thumb.jpg

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Great pics! I went a few days ago... Does everyone who's been to both parks agree that this beats WnW by heaps? (Well, maybe not the queues...). I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but I somehow managed to flip on to my back in the tentacles and couldn't get back over until I came out. I don't think many people noticed, but surely the loud yelp of "Holy *%$!" told them something... :P No, haven't gotten stuck, I guess that's as close as we came. It's a shame they don't have the electronic display at the end, but the ride itself DEFINITELY makes up for it!

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OMG THAT IS THE EXACT SAME DAY I WENT! Cos I have been 3 times. Shannon Noll passed us in the queue to the Rip too! How weird is thattt. lolz. And we got there at 9 too. So they gave us free icecream and coke vouchers. But that is so strange o_o The lines for STHC were massive that day.

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