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Forum design temporarily altered

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As you'll notice we're back to the default template for the Forums as part of a major upgrade to the forums this morning. I'm working at getting things back to normal, but in the meantime there are a whole heap of new features with the forums to play with - take a look at the new user profiles for instance.

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Ah cool, I quite like this enhanced fast reply and quick edit, it basically means you dont need full mode for much, especially since you can do attachments here. The user profiles are nice too, I had a look at your other site and felt left out at not having all those extra features here :P but now they are. Thanks for all this. One other thing I might point out while you are playing aroud with the forums, but perhaps the White Water World forum description could be updated since the park is open now.

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There's no reason why you can't set your gender. It's accessed by either clicking your name at the top of the page (click "Logged in as: Username" at the very top) or by clicking your own avatar. You'll see the forums are back looking normal again. I've opted for a wider design, removing the left menu to make the forums sit better. I know it'll be an adjustment (I have to adjust too), but I think it makes the forums look better and it also facilitates some future changes that'll be happening.

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