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Batwing is awesome and a quick TR.

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My sisters, her friend and i went on BWSS yesterday and it was awesome. The liftoff is great but the the 1st drop is the best. We got to MW just after 1pm as we visited Subway across the road. Coz we had to get a locker from SE went on that 1st. The wait was 13 mins which was great. We then headed over to BWSS where the wait was about 15mins. They were only taking 8 peeps as the other seats were not ready. The line felt like it was going down really slow but it wasn't. If you come to MW then BWSS is a must. We then headed over to SCSC were it was bascially a walk on. By this time the locker was due to expire as while my sisters and friend to WWF i headed over to the locker. I left the lockers to go back on SDSC but the line up was where the knight is so i left to head to WWF. The line up was huge but by the time i got there they were near the front of the queue line. They got soaked except me :( We then headed over to LW where the wait was about 10 mins. We left MW at about 4:30. Today where going to DW and WWW. My sisters' friend got one of those 50% off @ WWW yesterday in the mail so we are going to use that plus renew our DW passes. Well my internet time is up. Hope i didn't bore you with this TR.

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Yeah the bit where it pulls you back is unreal. Glad to hear you had a good time. There really hasn't been too many people at Movieworld the last couple of weeks. It is the best time to go. That being said though, I have been on days when the carpark has been completely full and still managed to get on most things without too long a wait.

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