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TripReport - 8/2/

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We got to dreamworld just after 10, after walking through the map area we headed for the lockers and then went down to the Claw. There was only 3 other people queing so we only had to wait for the current ride to finish before we got on. They must have extended the ride cycle because we did two extra giant swings and it went for an extra 20 or so seconds. We then went down through Gold Rush Country and decided to go on Thunder River since the line up wasn't so bad. We were watching people come off and they weren't really wet at all. The ride was quite tame to what it usually is this time of year, not much of a thrill..we got a bit wet down our back which ended up wetting our bottom but it wasn't as much as we wanted. They have boarded up Eureka and added some tables and stuff there so you can sit down as well. We went over to the log ride, the line up was pretty short but as we got there a lot of people came but they were letting us go two at a time so I guess it wasn't really that bad. My friend ended up getting totally drenched on her bottom half though while only half of my right leg was wet. We then went to have lunch at Billabong, it's damn nice in there and the air con was a welcome relief. The pricing is great, $20 for adults and $16 for kids or $16 for adult with the MAP and we ended up getting a good $20 discount for the four of us. The food was good too but we ended up having like three Asian tourist groups come in and it just got pretty noisy in there. Wonderful service though, if you haven't been in there I highly suggest it. The park wasn't really packed and most of the rides were short, the drop was only working the west side but the line up wasn't that bad when we went past. We never got on any of the other rides because we ended up going over to WWW to get our passes and spent about 20 or so minutes in there before we decided to just head back to the hotel since we're going to WWW tomorrow before we head to Screamworld.

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Glad you had a good day. I haven't been to that Billabong place yet but will have to try it next time. Good to hear you were lucky with the queues too -- would be good if that happened at Screamworld :P

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