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Movieworld Sci-Fi Fantasy Night

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SCI-FI FANTASY NIGHT AT WARNER BROS. MOVIE WORLD Sci-Fi Fantasy Night at Warner Bros. Movie World is the official evening event of the SUPANOVA POP CULTURE EXPO. To be held on Saturday, April 14, from 6pm - 10pm, enjoy all of your favourite Warner Bros. Movie World rides and shows, together with out-of-this-world Sci-Fi entertainment and fun! There are prizes for the best costumes and appearances by international guest stars. But hurry, tickets are limited - purchase yours online now. Adults $30, Child/Pensioner $20. mwnightum5.th.jpg

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Damn you, I was just coming on here to post that ;) Ahh ya gotta be quick in this community. :) Fantastic concept & will definitely be heading there. It should be at least at the theming level as the Christmas night but if it was at a Halloween level that would be superb. Another night that will leave Screamworld for dead.

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Went to this last night. It was a pretty good night. All of the attractions except for Police Academy was running as far as I could gather. Included in that is the Matrix Exhibit. It was open. I am not sure exactly what is happening with that area, but for now the Matrix is still in its completed form. A couple of the changes to scenery, etc for last night included: The entrance had a Stargate type thing installed for the fun of it. Lots of mist and stuff. And a spaceship of some kind was crashed in the fountain. China Town was converted into a kind of scary sci fi walk. There were guys in there that kind of stood still until you walked by and grabbed ya. Kind of scary as I said, but nothing like Nightmares or anything. It had a sign saying area not suitable for kids. The "Ghost Town" as I like to call it (In front of the show stage) was converted into a sort of laser battle area. People could muck around in there for a bit if they wanted to. Scooby Doo seemed to have some different lights inside... UFO type lights that matched the lighting in the streets, etc. There was a small show running in main street during the night. There were a lot of staff dressed up in Star Wars outfits. The most interesting part of this was when three of the guys from the stunt show came out of the Daily Planet building re-enacting the scene from Episode I, where Darth Maul fights Obi and Qui-Gon. It was pretty cool to watch. They used their usual Batman enactment, but was pretty good to see it in the dark. It really fit the occasion well. They played a short audio clip from the original War of the Worlds all night, which set the mood really well. As for anything else interesting to note, there were some really strange costumes on display. People really got dressed up for the occasion, which was good to see. Overall, a pretty good night.

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Wow! Those are some pretty damn sweet photos! Looked like a great night, it's great to see Movie World having more of these events at night. *cough* DREAMWORLD *cough* Far better than Mania or Screamworld IMO! The lighting and fog/smoke effects looked great. Thanks for the update.

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