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Sea World Orlando's Aquatica - March 2008

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When I saw the concept art for the first time of this new waterpark, my reaction was "Oh my god". http://www.aquaticabyseaworld.com/Main.aspx This park looks absolutely amazing. Make sure you watch the video. This article is from www.ultimaterollercoaster.com: "Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando's Third Park To Open March 2008 Eric Gieszl Editor Aquatica, Sea World Orlando Water ParkOrlando, FL -- SeaWorld Orlando today announced they've begun construction on Aquatica, a one-of-a-kind water park that they're claiming only they could create. Opening March 2008, the third SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, will blend up close animal experiences from serene to extreme, high-speed thrills and wide, sandy beaches. "SeaWorld is famous for immersing guests in the mystery of the sea and its animals," said Jim Atchison, executive vice president and general manager of SeaWorld Orlando. "Aquatica takes this immersion to a new level, inviting guests to play in, over, and under the water itself." This unique water park will cover 60 acres with lush landscaping inspired by the South Sea Islands. Inside the park crystal-blue rivers will wind through hidden grottos and refreshing waterfalls, while rich greenery and bright flowers adorn towering rock formations. Aquatica is to be an immersive experience and the landscaping will play an important role according to SeaWorld. The park will also what they're calling brightly colored, quirky buildings, topped with swooping, pitched roofs to create an uplifting carefree setting. This will be the first water park to incorporate live animals from lands all over the world. Aquatica will have Commerson's dolphins, macaws and a colorful assortment of tropical fish on display. The park will feature a total of 36 water slides, six rivers and lagoons and more than 80,000 square feet of beach area. Sea World says the park will feature some of the most thrilling water rides in the world. Some of the attractions will be the first of their kind by zooming, floating and splashing guests through animals habitats and undersea adventures. Aquatica's signature attraction will plunge riders in clear tubes through a crystal-blue lagoon with black-and-white Commerson's dolphins. Guests will slide through a tube while underwater in one of the water parks aquariums. This park is saying this attraction will make guests feel as if they are flying beneath the sea among these beautiful animals. Commerson dolphins are similar in appearance to SeaWorld's killer whales, however they're much smaller. Sea World says they're also fast, agile swimmers, which will make them the perfect inhabitants for this lively park. The park will also feature a colorful mix of racing tunnels, raft rides, and rivers offer crashing surf and high-speed thrills, while pools, lagoons and lazy rivers invite guests to enjoy Aquatica at a slower pace. Aquatica will have the world's only side-by-side wave pools offering a very different experience. The two wave pools can be operated independently or together. SeaWorld plans to offer crashing waves and five-foot tall swells in one and gentle rolling surf in the other. A total of nine different wave patters can be created throughout the two pools. The park says they'll have the ability to generate one immense wave or even "dueling" waves. A series of rivers will wind their way through Aquatica and offer different experiences. One river carries guests through gentle waterfalls, past exotic birds and into an undersea grotto with thousands of colorful fish. An adjacent river will offer pure thrills, jetting riders through rolling rapids, geysers and racing waters. Guests who enjoy a little competition will find excitement with Aquatica's colorful eight-lane racing slides. The park will also offer more thrills with a triple-drop raft ride, double inner tube slides and a six-story family ride. The park will also construct one of the world's largest interactive water play areas. The colorful rain fortress will rise up six stories above a 15,000 square-foot pool. The park says the entire family can play together blasting water cannons or zoom down slides. A separate children's pool will offer slides and activities for the park's youngest guests. SeaWorld says they're designing the park to limit wait times and provide easy access to rides, attractions and restaurants. Beachside wait service will also be available. Private cabanas will also be available for rent. Aquatica will be the first SeaWorld water park and its third park in Orlando. SeaWorld Adventure Park is the company's original Orlando property and that was followed by the addition of Discovery Cove in July 2000. "In a destination famous for immersing families in fun, the SeaWorld parks offer the ultimate in family togetherness, connecting guests to the sea -- and with each other -- in three immersive, interactive, but very different, ways," said Joe Couceiro, corporate vice president of marketing. Discovery Cove offers a very different experience with its limited attendance policy. At Discovery Cove guests have up-close encounters with the park's Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, rays and tropical fish. Aquatica water park will open in March 2008 at SeaWorld Orlando." I'm going to America at the end of 2008.. it will be in winter though :(

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WHOA! That looks amazing. :o Love the waterslide that goes into the water with the killer whales in it. And it also looks like they are going for a Eight-Lane Octopus Racer. The 2 Wave pools that connect to each other look really good, and the themeing I think is absoulutely OUTSTANDING. I mean a lazy river with live fish and sealife swimming around you!! As said in that 20-minute video: Seaworld has created a very original and creative concept, I'm sure they will get profit out of this project. Not only have they made a waterpark for thrill seekers, familys and couples, but they also give the Disney Waterparks a run for there money!

I'm going to America at the end of 2008.. it will be in winter though :(
I'm sure Orlando doesn't get that cold during winter. Orlando is alot like the Gold Coast. If you have been up in the Winter, there are still alot of nice sunny days and beats Melbournes winter weather by far! Anyway, thanks for pointing this out myk. Loved how they presented the press conference with all the tribe and ancient land story ;) . CoasterBoy8
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