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What's latest on Disney Land Downunder

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Hey man, Welcome to the forums. This Disneyland Australia park has been a rumour for a long, long time. I think originally Disney were going to build Japan's Disney Sea on the Coast, but changed their minds. Over the last couple of years there's been talk of scouts looking at possible sites in the Brisbane northern suburbs as well as Sydney - but nothing has really been confirmed or made official. I wouldn't get my hopes up about an Australian park until they actually announce it. (Although I'd definately like to see one!)

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True, but we can dream. Ha ha. I don’t think that it would be a good thing for the parks any way. They are competitive enough, and don’t make huge amounts of money now with out a multi million dollar Disney Franchise Park. I think that the Disney parks are actually loosing the magic they once had, as more and more of them open.?? Disney and Disney World are the originals and I don’t think they should be opening more and more parks. It decreases the tourism into the Parks in the US. However I realize that they are all different and offer different experiences, but have some of the same rides. Regards

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