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We got to Dreamworld just after 10, it had started to lightly spit when we were near the Pimpama exit but it stopped just as quickly as it started. The Claw was first because my friend hadn't been to the park since 2003 and so this was the new ride. We noticed that they didn't do a full load and run around only to be told we'd have to wait for the next cycle. My friend spent the whole ride holding on and screaming. After we got off she was wanting to ride it again. The que for the claw was never packed, all the times we walked past it they were only in the first barrier. We rode the claw four times in total and would have rode it more had we not felt sick. We headed straight over to the cyclone next which surprisingly was very quiet for the whole day we went to ride it. We waited about 10 minutes to be loaded in. It's getting pretty rough now to the point that even if you do hold onto your harness and keep your head back your head still bangs the ears to the point of painful. When we came back the lady was like "well guys be proud of yourselves, that was the quickest trip we've had all day" even though it was only like 11ish lol. Tower of Terror was next, this was a 5 minute wait and the line up was at the top of the last set of stairs. Ride was good except it kinda slowed down half way down the track on the way back but the rest of the ride was good. We then decided to have lunch and went to Billabong..after walking through Wiggles World and singing the songs, having the parents just smile weirdly at us lol. After lunch we headed towards the log ride, we had tried to do the log ride before lunch but it was packed and we just decided to stand in line this time. It took roughly 30 minutes to get on. We ended up having a water fight as we were going around so by the time we were at the top of the final drop we were all soaked but ended up getting even more soaked when we came down. They also let the flumes back up into each other; Headed back to the claw..all nice and soaked. The whole day this ride was a walk on so it was never fully full at all. We decided to do the claw a second time and got on the one right after the one we got off. We got on the Wipeout straight after the claw. It makes this loud clunk noise when it spins around that can be heard from near central cafe. Normally I hate this ride since I come so far off the seat and feel like I am going to fall out of the harness but it was pretty tame compared to the last time I rode it. I was even up for going again but my friend felt sick so we sat down for 5 minutes. After we watched the flow rider go for a bit we headed towards the cyclone again. Didn't have to wait too long to get on, just one cycle. We were listening to this group argue about which end was the best to sit in for the ride when one of them just turned around to us and asked which end we like sitting at, the front or back..we voted for the back. We then headed towards the tot but stopped at Tiger Island and then couldn't be bothered waiting 20 minutes for the show because we were all tired/sore/sunburnt so we headed to the lockers and then out...after paying $10.50 for 3 cokes (of course ;)). The Clown was there too playing My Girl on his little radio thingy what ever it is..tried getting this little asian girl to dance with him but she started crying because she apparantly hates clowns. Over all though the park was good, the only major line up was the log ride but we expected that with the river rapids being out of use. WhiteWater World looked packed too, heaps of people on TOH when we were going down the stairs. They must have a special event planned/or a booking for tonight/tomorrow night because outside central cafe they have tents and all the tables have been set up like a restaurant. They have completely removed the Model T Cars, there's just dirt and tree stumps there now.

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When we got off and they handed us the little paper with the photo number on it she was like "did you guys enjoy wetting each other?" and laughed so I'm sure if they had a real big problem with us getting soaked on a fairly safe ride in the 32 degree heat they would have said something because we came off dripping with water from head to toe :) No didn't do the GD although they did have both sides working and the line up wasn't long during the whole day we were down that end.

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