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Sea World penguins to get new enclosure

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Link to story Wednesday April 18, 04:32 PM Sea World penguins to get new enclosure A special enclosure will be built to protect the remainder of Sea World's fairy penguins after tests failed to find what killed 26 of the birds in their enclosure last month. Sea World marine sciences director Trevor Long on Wednesday said while post-mortem examinations of the birds revealed a toxin was to blame, extensive tests of the birds and their enclosure had been inconclusive. ADVERTISEMENT The unidentified toxin attacked the brain, kidney and liver of the birds, killing them within days of each other. Mr Long said the 11 remaining birds, which are still in quarantine, would not be put back in their old enclosure as the Gold Coast theme park could not be sure of its safety. "We've exhausted every possible test along with the Department of Primary Industries up in Brisbane," Mr Long said. "We've looked at all of the types of household toxins you can find, industrial toxins you can find, environmental toxins you might be able to find and we haven't been able to come up with anything. "But you must understand there are many toxins that are totally undetectable." He said a new enclosure with a larger pool and underwater viewing area, to be completed by Christmas, would be state-of-the-art. "What we'll be doing is designing the exhibit to be as healthy as possible," Mr Long said. "(That's) not saying this one wasn't but that exhibit was built many, many years ago. "The new one will be a state-of-the-art exhibit - it will display the birds best we can, but it will minimise any health risks to the birds." He said the penguins would be kept in quarantine until it was completed and additional birds would be brought in over the coming months to build the population back up to around 20 to 30 birds. The highlighted bit will be SW new attraction. I bet they'll say "It'll replace the Eye" Edited by dreamworld_rulz
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