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Hey Everyone, Does anyone know anything about the rides that debuted at Australia's Wonderland in 1985? I believe that some of the rides actually came from other then Taft Parks (now Paramount Parks). Firstly I believe that the "Captain Caveman's Clippers AKA. Ships Ahoy AKA. Galleon's Graveyard" came from Carowinds, now Paramount Carowinds. They had a ride called "Flying Dutchman" which opened with the park in 1973. It however closed and left the park in 1984; remember Australia's Wonderland opened in 1985. Attached is an original picture of the ride at Carowinds and a link to a pic of the ride in this forum. http://www.totalthrills.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=241 I am also 90% certain that Zodiac came from Kings Island (Paramount Kings Island). 50% of people who have studied the history of this park say that it closed in that park in 1984 and stood still for a few years after it closed. Then again, the other 50% say that it closed without any notice in 1984 and was then dismantled immediately. Zodiac was at Wonderland for the opening day so I believe that the Paramount version and Wonderland version are the same. Zodiac was originally located on a long path that led to the original Hanna Barbera Land in a space which is now part of the Australian Wildlife Park. The HMS Endeavour was originally located next to it. The path that it was on also led to the original Hanna Barbera All Stars Paddle Boat Ride which I believe is now a pond in the Wildlife Park. Does anyone have any other details regarding rides or attractions that opened and closed or are still at Wonderland? I am aware of Demon's history btw. If you can provide any details re original locations for rides, original owners, dates that rides or attractions were removed it would be much appreciated. Also, does anyone know when that large decorative Ship was removed from the main lake (near Bounty's Revenge)? coasterfreak

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I'll go a step further, and be 99% sure that the Zodiac is from Kings Island. I really did do a lot of research on this a few years back, and sadly I can't remember many of the exact details, but I'd be sure that just about all of the rides that Wonderland opened with are those that were discontinued at USA Paramount parks (pre-Paramount days of course). It just seems to be the most ideal and logical solution. Here's what I've got, just digging up some really old stuff now. Wizards Fury came from Kings Island, which was removed in 1983, known as Bayern Kurve. There was also a "Flying Dutchman" removed from KI in 1983, which could just further complicate finding where "Galleon's Graveyard" came from. That's all I've got for now.

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Heya guys, Here is an interesting link: http://timelines.home.insightbb.com/pki_years.htm When did Wonderland stop following the Paramount / King Island parks lead? Did Wonderland actually have licence over the KI names used on their rides? If you look on the timeline above is says the Zodiac was SBNO for 1988. How could Wonderland have it? Although I didn't think the Zodiac was at Wonderland till the late eighties. Can someone confirm whether it actually was in the park originally? Cheers, Michael

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