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On july 3rd my girlfriend and I drove to Sandusky, Ohio from Toronto. You could say sandusky is a town probably entirely supported by Cedar Point. Its a bit of a tourist town, stacks of hotels and places to eat. We Turned up to the park at 930 for a 10am opening time. As you drive towards the park you can see the massive thrill machines in the distance - its very exciting. We etired the park via the rear entrance, right near Magnum XL, which was a good idea becuase everyone must have entered at the front and started on those rides, there was no line at all. Magnum was our first ride and honestly, I didnt think it was going to be THAT good, being an older rollercoaster. Boy, was i mistaken! The first hill was great, it was a fast ride with great airtime. Here are my top rides 1. Maverick - Not a record breaker but the best ride of the day - the first hills and those fast turns and lauches. its was almost too much fun 2. Millenium Force - At 1.5 hours is was the longest wait of the day but well worth it - not as much airtime as magnum but very smooth, very high and very fast 3. Raptor - A really confortable ride with a cool zero-g-roll - you can even buy a video of yourself on the ride 3. Magnum XL its a tie with raptor but magnum was so good - i wish i could have rode it twice but there was no time 4. Top thrill - the feeling of dread you get as you are being launched to 220 in 4 seconds is almost overwhelming - but its fun when you get to the top and see the view, right before plummeting 5. Max Air - it was a hot day and max air was so refreshing and gave a great weightless feeling 6. Snake River Falls - Watching the thing roll down the hill and hit that water - the biggest splach id ever seen. when you are on it you get absolutly drenched - head to toe, we saved it for the end of the night 7. Iron Dragon - suprisingly exhilerating, fun terrain, close to the water and through the trees 8. Sky Hawke - a short ride but realy fun 9. Mantis - it rode smoothly and had BIG elements but the harness was unconfortable - i think that is why they dont make these rides any more best day of my life

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You lucky sucker. I am definately going to have to go to Cedar Point one day. Some of those attractions are awsome hey... or at least they sound it. Probably going off topic here, but I know a lot of people want Dreamworld to build something big in the years to come. People have mentioned that a Giga/Hyper would be good, but I'd rather them build something like the Maverick, with a launch halfway through it, and some really unique elements. Good to hear you are enjoying your trip.

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9th & 10th of August for me. So about 3.5 weeks. :) (visiting it as part of the Theme Park Review Midwest Trip) Thanks for a great trip report. For your sake, you better tell your girlfriend the best day was meeting her though ;)

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