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Winter water temperatures...

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For WnW the water gets heated to 26 degrees (or maybe even a little more) in the pump room but it has to travel back to the ride (underground) and then once it hits the ride depending on the type it can cool quite quickly. Also remember that on most slide you really aren't in too much water, its the wind thats the killer. Rides like tornado where the spray bars put the water through the air then onto the ride (inside a funnel which catches and directs the air through it) is more likely to cool quickly than say black hole which is dark and heats better + enclosed. Just a side note i don't think WWW advertises there temperatures just WnW but i could be wrong? Hope this helps. DEAP

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26 degrees is not as warm as you think. And besides that being close to the middle of Winter now, they heat the water going from the filters into the main pools to 26 degrees which is injected into the pool, and being Winter, that cold air hitting the water all day is cooling it down. So you got a water treatment system trying to warm the pool and Australia's cool Winter air trying to cool it. And besides all that if you going to go to a Theme park that is water based the best time to go is Summer.

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