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I was reading through some the older posts about WWF and noticed that many people said that the theming at the final drop used to be much better. I know it burned down, but I never had the chance to ride it before then. What kind of special effects were there? Did I miss out on anything? If it used to be better, I really hope Movie World finds the time to rebuild that finale. After all, they have been adding quite a few attractions recently.

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Mate, you missed out! As you approached the top of the conveyor you came across artificial bats scampering out of the abandoned mine shaft There were old style lights and theming. Then you came across a ghost that tells you to stop and go back, the flume proceeds, and then he shoots at your flume and hits an electrical box! It sparks and smokes every where. As you approached the top of the hill, you came across a huge barrel of gun powder that's ready to blow! Two more ghost appear and tell you to "get out she's going to blow"!!!!! Then the flume does the 180 degree turn facing the shut doors of the final shoot! The doors open and the ghost shoot at you! The barrel explodes behind you with a power full blast of heated compressed air and smoke, also with explosion sounds. Then you go down the final shoot. And that's it! The theming on the entire ride use to be a lot better but it has aged.

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Were the sparks in a faraday cage or something? Im just wondering how they pulled off the effect. I imagine it would have just been a high voltage arc type thing. Im just confused as to how they would have gotten out and started a fire.
The sparks looked like the kind you get when you hold a piece of metal on a grinding wheel and they made a similar sound - my thought is that this is how they achieved the effect. Certainly wasn't an electrical arc so to speak. They had small grills around them, and I'm pretty sure they're still there on the lift hill, it's just so dark you can't see them.
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Just on the water restrictions thing, why do they need to turn off fountains if they use recirculated water, for example the water from the 6 big fountains at the final drop just lands back in the splash down area, the wooden water tower just has water squirting down into the channel etc, how could they say these are wasting water when it isn't going down the drain?

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