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As this is the last year of the Mad Mouse at the Adelaide Show, following is some facts and figures from its last 44 years. minimum height in metres for Mad Mouse riders: 1.2m number of people normally in a Mad Mouse carriage: 2 number of carriages on the Mad Mouse: 16 (though the ad says 12?) number of seconds a ride takes: 60area in square metres the Mad Mouse covers: 608.35 number of people who ride the Mad Mouse at the Show each year: 30,000–40,000 number of people who have ridden the Mad Mouse: 1.5 million I will be taking a trip down memory lane and will ride the Mad Mouse for one last time!

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If I remember rightly, the Mad Mouse was $6.00 to ride last year! It would be great if it was to be retained in SA somewhere. Its current site is being transformed into another large scale pavilion. so I dont think it will be moved to another sector on the showgrounds site.

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From Adelaide's Advertiser Royal Show Guide, has stated that the Mad Mouse will be replaced with a new temporary roller coaster for the Adelaide Show from next year. Also, 2 of the Mad Mouse cars are being donated, one to the Adelaide Show's Archives, the other will be auctioned at the forthcoming Olympic Dinner to help send athletes to the Beijing Olympics. Will be interested to see how much they get?

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Nah, its not the one that appears at Rye etc, as said earlier in this thread it is the one that lived at the Adelaide showgrounds on a permanent basis. As you may notice, it is on top of another building, and hence non travelling.
Ah yeah i see it now, looks very alike. The mad Mouse at rye was a zippy little thing i loved it LOL! Wasn't a fan of the one they had last year, the Taipan it was rough and i didn't enjoy it. Thank you for solving my curiosity ;)
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