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No White Room In BB House

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The white room was in the back left (facing out from the house) corner of the backyard. In the first 2 weeks it was "hidden" from the housemates by covering over the doors into the room. A false wall was installed between the house and the white room and soundproofed in between. When the producers gave up on the white room idea before the contenstants did, they then removed the false wall and soundproofing, and uncovered the doors that led into the backyard. The room was re-painted with some green and became the BB shop where they did their grocery shopping each week. The room was used for other purposes, including the "Exit Room" for 2 evictions, the "News Studio" and a "Pamper Room" for different tasks. During the camping task, the white room/shop was the entry room into the Ice Cave where the housemates got changed into their cold weather gear, but the Ice Cave was actually a separate temporary room outisde the normal house walls. The housemates used a tunnel between the white room and ice cave to enter and exit. For some real history, the area where the white room was was used for similar purposes in BB2005 when one of the Logan twins lived in that same space while the other twin was in the house. The room was not used again in 2005. The interior of the room was rebuilt and joined onto the house in 2006 when it became the Rewards Room.

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