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Less Lethal Weapon in Japan

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So after spending the day at Mitsui Greenland (on the TPR Japan Trip) and riding a Vekoma SLC the same as Lethal Weapon (without the final turn though) I had to take a picture of the restraints. The ride is just as headbangingly-awful as its Australian sister and it left the US guys who were looking forward to riding it somewhat sore and disappointed. However, the Japanese guys have gone to painstaking lengths to help ease the problems.. They've fitted additional padding to every harness, and the piece d resistance - they've stuck sheets of velcro (the soft side) to the inside of the padding so you get a nice soft surface to rest your head on. Unfortunately, while it's a bit like wearing wooly ear muffs, it actually works. Just a little note that its something obviously done in house to make the experience slightly more bearable... hint hint.. nudge nudge... DSC00627.jpg

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