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The Adelaide Show!

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Attended the Adelaide Show today! I was curious at the price being charged for most of the rides. In this case, a majority were in the $8.00 range for the thrill rides. However, I was surprised that Space Roller was charging $10.00 to ride after 6.00pm. Was this case at Sydney's Easter Show and Brisbane's EKKA. I do recall paying $8.00 last year at the Melbourne Show, but there was no premium for the evening! Considering the age of the Mad Mouse, which is also the last year of it operation, it was charging $8.00 for your first ride and $6.00 for subsequent rides with a stamp. It had a constant stream of riders all day. Most rides seemed to have a healthy number of riders throughout the day, however, it was also Terrific Tuesday, where you could get entry and unlimited rides between 10.00am and 2.00pm for $50.00. Power Surge looks great, as did the Love Express. Though in my opinion, the carnival area looked empty and show organisers should look at this for next year. It was very heavy with games, which were struggling for patrons. Some old favourites such as the Zipper have not been in Adelaide for a number of years. Though a new roller coaster has been promised for next year to replace the Mad Mouse. (Will this be the Taipan?) Interested to hear other peoples views?

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The new coater will be a Zyklon Loop Coaster. Not sute if it will be temporary or a permenant structure. There is also talk, that the layout of the carnival area may change this year. The Adelaide Showgrounds are currently going through a $42 million upgrade, which is due for completion in August 2008. Just in time for this years Adelaide Show!

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