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No Limits Compitition "can you make it fit?"

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Hi all, OK as you have probably read in the other topic the No Limits comp is going ahead the scenario is as follows: -you have been asked to design a coaster for movie world, it can be ether wood or steel. -This new coaster has to be thrilling, aimed at adults and teens. -The given area sits just behind lethal weapon, the area is approximately 333.50 meters in diameter -the park owners want a big "crowd drawer" The Rules: -The coaster HAS to fit within the marked perimeter -You are to use no other programmes except the coaster calculator to help build your track the station can be located anywhere within the perimeter You are allowed to terraform the area and add scenery. but remember, its not judged on the best scenery. Here is the track file: 1_no_limits_comp.zip The area: Area.zip the coaster calculator: click here Due date: 25 Sep 2007 once finished please Post it here if you have any questions just send me a message. Good Luck! :) Zane.

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Hi all, Well this comp winner was really hard to pick, but after many re-rides I have found a winner: this winning coaster stood out from all the rest, it has a range of high speed and high banked turns. It has some great air time hills. the first drop was the element that won me over. overall it was smooth but thrilling ride! the winning coaster is Gazza's "Wild West Twister" congratulations. 2nd was "Wild West Quest which" was a creation from jcgoldcoast wild west quest was very very twisted and along with that brought roughness, but it was still thrilling. there are a couple pops of airtime in there. the thing that turned me off was the weird brake run which was taken REALLY slow as with the following track after it? but still very good work. 3rd coaster "Bandit" by ads086. this coaster was fairly smooth but had a long and kind of boring layout, it felt like it dragged on forever lol. what I liked about it was it was the only one which had something different about it, the lift hill, it's a LIM launched lift hill which I thought was pretty cool. good Thank you to gazza,ads and jcgoldcoast for submitting your weired and wonderfully creative Coasters. Zane.

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