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Scooby-doo spooky coaster

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See the difference between a big warehouse and a Uni building is the kind of building (obviously). In a big warehouse, there is nowhere to stop the smoke from going, and so, to get the smoke out, vents and exhausts to remove it to the open air is the only option. In a multi-roomed building, magnetic fire doors are designed to stop smoke from spreading to other areas, as there is no way you can easily vent smoke out of a multi-roomed building except opening the windows. The building I work in does not have the ability to open windows, and its a tower, so the best way is to seal the smoke in to the affected area, allowing people in all other areas to evacuate without being affected by smoke. Our fire stairs, as with most in office buildings are pressurised, to prevent smoke making its way into them and transferring between floors. Obviously, this sort of system would be useless in a big open warehouse.

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In a multi-roomed building, magnetic fire doors are designed to stop smoke from spreading to other areas, as there is no way you can easily vent smoke out of a multi-roomed building except opening the windows.
Actually, fire doors are there to stop the fire spreading and to limit the amount of oxygen the fire has to burn. The last thing you want to do is open windows or leave doors open as this would introduce more oxygen to fuel the fire. Vents sometimes exist in fire-proof stairwells to allow people to escape without being overcome with smoke. As it's a fire-proof stairwell, there is no fire to be fuelled. (Smoke can get into stairwells as people evacuate.)
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Actually, this is the precise reason why many tall buildings have pressurised stairwells. I'm not going into technicalities - thats something I think Gazza is much more suited for, but needless to say - a higher pressure area, with a door opened into a lower pressure area, the smoke isn't going into the stairwell because the high pressure will blow out the door, rather than suck the smoke into the stairwell.

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I had my first evac from Scooby yesterday morning. I was so excited! We had just gone up in the lift. We were in the front car. We didn't move. I could hear the people in the car behind us - so I knew it hadn't moved either. I suspected something was amiss. Next thing the music stops and an announcement (female voice) came over the speakers saying that the ride had to be temporarily stopped. We waited a little while and the announcement was repeated (suggesting to me that it was an automated announcement).
ummm this may sound dumb but what would you do if you were in the disco room? is their ladders to get off near every brake? or would it just keep going till u got back to the station? Be a bit risky if you depended on the brakes wouldnt it? another car might come and smash into u! or is their a whole system to make sure theirs only 1 car in one emergency brake area? btw i hate those brakes - when the lines go for ever they put mor cars onto the ride and u had to stop at every single brake - bit boring anf hurt wen ure going fast and just stop so roughly!
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is their ladders to get off near every brake?
Yeah, there are platforms beside each brake. On the outside of the building you can see where the stairs come out: http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...nstruction.html http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...nstruction.html Next time you ride, have a look beside the track in the laser room, and on each of the straight sections in the zig zag you will see the emergency platform. Edited by Gazza
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Just like to add with those emergency ramps on the side of the building that is also access for two staff members who are already in the main building. When getting off lethal weapon take the time to look up at the side of the Scooby doo building and chances are you may see staff doing there change over. Inside the main building there are 2 main post's. One is located next to the lift on your right when you come out of the lift and the other is across the other end of the room its at the 2nd corner after the turntable. Basically these posts are perspex boxes and a attendant sits inside and monitors the rides run inside the main building. As mentioned earlier in the topic people doing POV of the ride will be seen by someone in side the boxes they will then call unloading with the car number. The attendant at unloading will then warn the rider there is to be no video or photography on the attraction and they can be asked to remove the footage and security can be called. If security is called they go through a spiel, also they bring a entrance ticket with them in the fine print if you next time read it says something about no onride videoing or photography is allowed and you can be asked to remove it as conditions of park entry.

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