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Hey Y'll I've been to warner bros with my family like nearly 10 times now lol. Now, I really don't like the weightless feeling on rides.... (The one you get at the top of the drops on the flumes) or going upside down. I really like going fast though and being smacked into the seat and going backwards! :lol: YAY! :P But My Dad and Sister have said that the Spaceshot is my cup of tea. Is this true? They say that you just get this intense feeling of being pushed back into your chair? Or they just trying to get me on a ride I won't like :blink:<_<:P ?

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Its not really weightlessness (floater air) but negative g force (ejector air), both feel different. With floater air you get the butterflies, but with ejector air, you still have G forces, but they pull your body in the other direction so its a bit more stable. At the start, you get the strong g forces pushing you into your seat, but at the top when you change direction it's like gravity has been thrown into reverse and you are up off your seat. I used to dislike the weightless feeling too (to the point where I wouldn't ride on the double screamer at WnW back in the day), but it's an acquired taste and I got to like it a few years ago, Superman escape is a better ride to get yourself on first actually. Its not a sudden burst of airtime when you go over the hills, it just builds up to the point where you are lifted out of your seat, very cool actually. In closing, I say suck it up and just get yourself on there, you'll never know until you try something new, you wont get hurt, and chances are you will like it (rather than hate it) Even if you do hate it, is only been 1 or 2 minutes of displeasure, which you'd get over anyway. You have more to gain then lose.

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