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TV Alert : Discovery Science

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Discovery Science - Foxtel channel 638. Wednesday 10th October @ 3:00am Ultimate Thrill Rides: Terror - We love it! Who are the people that design these wild rides, and what does it take to build a killer thrill? Discover cutting edge design technology that takes your mind and your body for a ride. (and I bet you that the Mick Doohan SlowCoaster won't be on it...)

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"X" is brilliant. From the moment I entered the aircraft hangar-like station, I know my friend Evan and I were in for a really awesome experience... and it was. You just don't know what way you're going to move/flip next. Surreal ride. The day I get to ride something like that at Dreamworld, I will buy everyone on this message board who comes with me to ride it dinner... :P Don't think that's a claim I'll get called on.

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It was an OK ride, not the best at the mountain, but solid, I got lucky because I was at the ride early so I only waited a short period (to put it another way, the only queueing I did was in the station chutes) The flipping around and the massive elements are cool, but the roughness and the way your legs flap around heaps is a bit of a downer. I actually see more potential in the Intamin Zac Spin Coaster ( ) IMO the best elements on X were the vertical drop, and the first camelback where you do a 360 somersault. The Zac Spin can do these, but a couple of advantages are the lower cost, and the fact the spinning is free, so it would be smooth. They have decent capacity too. layout3k.jpg Something like that but perhaps with a second lift would be excellent.

It would be awesome to have a ride like "X" at DW.
Yeah, but DW would never build a ride that good. Edited by Gazza

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