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For the discussion of Flat Rides. One thing I would like to see in this country... A Mondial Shake or Huss Booster (I think the Booster is less likely since Huss went bankrupt last year). Think a Breakdance with loops... this thing could really induce puking. Im not sure which I would prefer... the Mondial Shake has 2 random rotations (the facing of the car (like a breakdance) as well as the car's tumbling), wheras the Booster only has 1 (the car's tumbling around the point of attachment, or 'cartwheeling' like a 'heartline roll' on a coaster or a Zamperla Power Surge). HOWEVER, the lateral forces on a Booster are totally devoted to flipping the car, wheras the Mondial Shake has the forces do both the horizontal and vertical spinning of the car. However the Shake cars seem to tumble easier than the Booster... but the Booster has open vehicles and hence gives a more exposed ride.... Maybe Mondial will do a version of the Shake with more open cars.... And by the way, Mondial have a used Shake for sale on their website. Any Australian Showpersons, please look there! And Mondial's Diablo looks fun.... kind of like an Inferno with inverted seats. Admittedly the Inferno and Diablo are just Topscan's with different seating, but hey, Topscans rule. They are just so f**king fun! Speaking of portable rides, wish that someone would get a Zamperla Backflash. Like the Wipeout with inverted coaster style seats!

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