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What's next for Movieworld  

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Hey Original, replying to your question on the PA Show. I think you slightly misunderstood me - the plan I have heard is to not keep the Police Academy show, rather build an all new much larger venue somewhere on the southern side of the Park, away from the neighbours and with more space to make for a bigger/better show. The existing PA show crew would continue out the show's last performances next year whilst the new show is being readied. Dolphin Cove was built this way & it's something I have long suspected they would do I guess because it makes absolute sense, do you agree? I caught up with my long time MW buddy tonight and quizzed him again on the Park's plans for 2008. It seems they have been unusually coy this time around about their plans. He believes a brand new Large scale ride will commence construction around Easter in addition to the new Stunt show (which we already know about) I asked him about the idea of putting the new show over around Lethal/Scooby/Maverick and he said that whatever it is, there is definately something being planned for those areas. Management have been seen with contractors lurking around those areas for some time now and the recent rumours somewhat confirm this. I am still in doubt as to whether a brand new major ride is infact being planned for 2008 and I'm slightly concerned that everyone is getting their hopes up. I hope I'm wrong but the rumours really started flowing after recent press announcements which could be slightly misinterpreted. As Richard's recent column puts it: Amid strong competition from nearby Dreamworld, which a year ago upped the anti with its WhiteWater World water park, Warner Village Theme parks are set to continue investing in their theme parks to ensure that their offerings are kept fresh and relevant. Sea World will open its first new major attraction since Shark Bay's debut in 2004. Expected to be a hippopotamus exhibit, it will build on the park's strong wildlife heritage. Warner Bros. Movie World looks set to launch a new stunt show with the Police Academy Stunt Show slated to end its near two-decade run at the theme park. It is one of the few remaining attractions that opened with the park in 1991. Can you see anything about MW getting a new ride in here? Now my mate at the Park is pretty damn sure they are getting a new ride next year - and I want to believe him - but when I asked him if the supposed next BIG thing for MW 08 is just the new stunt show he could see where I was coming from, that they are in fact one in the same thing. Someone PLEEEEEEASE tell me I'm wrong!

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Alright, I know I have said this before but Movieworld absolutely HAS to update the current Batman ride to fit in with The Dark Knight next year. In case people aren't aware they have now released a trailer for the movie. I am not sure of the exact URL link but if the thing was properly re-themed the ultimate thrill would be in the story. I don't know exactly what the new movie is about, but from the trailers you can get an idea of the tone the movie will take. I would like to see that tone reflected in the ride. In case people haven't seen the trailer yet I will put specific references in spoiler tags. This is what I would like to see from a re-theme: Basically, keep the visual components of the pre-ride the same. Just scrap that pointless story about the crime fightning network or watever, and come up with something that aligns with the new movie. Again, I am not sure on the details of these parts, but I am sure you can find a plotline that would work well. The major difference would be when you enter the Batcave.

This would be an ideal opportunity to introduce the idea that the Joker has developed a new crime network. Specific focus could be given to the fact that Batman's efforts to rid Gotham of crime have led to the criminals turning to the Joker for leadership.

From this point you could progress into the simulators as before. I will admit that I am no genious when it comes to ride design, but I just think one thing would send chills up any riders spine.

The Joker's laugh! If you have seen the trailer you will know what I mean. And it lends itself to the possibility of the whole ride focussing around the sadistic nature of the Joker.

As for the stunt show replacement. If they create a new venue with the intention of eventually closing the current Police Academy show, then that would mean that Movieworld would have two unused show venues. Assuming Shrek Live doesn't continue next year. I would expect them to either keep the two shows running, or create the new show with the intention of replacing Police Academy with a new attraction not too long after its closure.

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The name has nothing to do with the theme Gazza has said; so I don't see where you are drawing this connection Pixel?
He wasn't quoting Gazza, Pixel was quoting my idea. My idea would was to create this with a Batman theme and I've highlighted the area in which it could be built in a previous post. Also for the Luthor idea, this I think would be the perfect option. Edited by sonic123488
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I dunno, I would be completely happy with a family ride with thrills aka Wild West/Scooby. I think this is what MW really needs before they put in their next big coaster because it appeals to a wider audience. They will take on board the results from the survey to a degree but I doubt it will have much bearing on the final decision. The majority of people visiting the park on any given day are not the same people sitting at home on line filling out surveys

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Yeah, repetitiveness is boring.
Yeah, repetitiveness is boring.
That's gold! :P I would like to see something water based, although we did just get SurfRider... AquaTrax anyone? :P Gazza's ideas would be great to see in fruition, I can't believe you haven't already taken up a job doing things like that!
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Slightly off topic, but this has got to be the world's most fugly rollercoaster http://www.rcdb.com/m/ig2773.htm?picture=26
Has to be up there with the most bizarre coasters of all time. The designers were definately on some mind altering substances when they came up with that gem. Cant believe it only has lap bars! Looks fun though check the POV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K472_HAzR6Q
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