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Halloween Family Fun Night (1st - 11 - 2007)

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The night started with huge crowds at the front gate, and I was already thinking to myself, "Am I sure this was a good idea?" picture003pg1.th.jpg Anyways, I entered the gates and they had us all crammed up like ants until the "official" opening for that night. When they were ready to let us free, they did a little count down, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and then it was almost like a gun went off, and everyone started running down Main Street. picture018xx7.th.jpg The first ride I hit was Superman Escape; it was only about a 20-minute wait as I got there straight away. The ride at night was just...out of this world! The view from the top hat was amazing. The lights and fog really did make the park seem "different" and somewhat, "scary". The second ride I hit was Lethal Weapon; which was the first time I ever rode the coaster. The line was about a 20 minute wait and it seemed to stay around that all night, with two trains running. I rode the blue train and I can tell you, there are NO new seats. They are the same old ones I have seen in pictures for ages and, the head banging was still there...BIG Time! After that I ate a world-class (Cough) Hot-Dog from one of the Main Street food vans and while eating, I was admiring the Main Street themeing. The themeing was good, but let me say this, it was not anything close to the US park’s themeing for the event. picture074ij2.th.jpg Anyways, after that I headed down to check out Kids' WB! Fun Zone. The lighting in that end of the park was bare and Movie World used those “portable hire” lights to light up the area; making the area look no way near as spooky as the rest of the park. Road Runner had around a 15-minute wait with two trains running. After that, I headed down to Intencity to ride the bumper cars. They were very busy and the ride operator had to spilt everyone into groups, as it was too busy to let people go solo. After that, I went into the Fright Zone to check it out. It was short, but sweet. The area was placed in the alley leading up to Lethal Weapon. The actors were well done and the area was themed to a good standard, but again, nothing to the US Park’s standard. I managed to pay one of the actors back, by scaring him when he was walking away. He did not see it coming, and he did jump back when I did it. Though, I felt a little bad afterwards. picture147ev9.th.jpg Afterwards, I managed to check out some of the shows in the Plaza (AKA. Main Street) and they had one with Elvis. Who was alive again? I guess that is the “scary” bit that’s to do with Halloween. He did make jokes like, “I’ve been dead for ages so I’m doing a pretty good job.” or something along those lines. It did not upset me but I am sure some Elvis fans might have been a little upset. Maybe? picture189dv0.th.jpg I must say the whole park had staff everyone, including many in the car park for car control. I was very pleased with the effort Movie World put into the night, considering they are the only park in Australia doing it, so there’s no need for them to really try that hard. I didn't ride these rides, but I'll just tell you how big the lines were: BATWING: Line was back as far as the ride's entrance. SDSC: In the spill-out queue. Superman, later that night: The line was outside the building; about 20 metres back.

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