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Most ridiculous ride ever?

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For those of you that don't know, Australia does actually have a ride manufacturer, called Funtime: http://www.funtime.com.au/ They are the ones who make that Slingshot ride, Vomatron etc. But they make one ride that makes me almost ashamed to have them as a local company, The Bell: http://www.funtime.com.au/data/specs6.htm bell3.jpg Is that not the most I'll conceived and impractical ride ever? It has an abhorrent capacity of just 6 people, there is a big bell surrounding you blocking the view, and the bell theming itself weighs a whopping 28 tonnes so a lot of power would be wasted swinging that monstrosity. What do you think? And for something to keep the topic going, what other rides are there that just make you say "what the hell were they thinking?"

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Oh my god I love it Gazza. That truly has to be one of the worst rides ever created. Thanks for sharing it. Just a horrible, horrible concept. A bell?!?! I can't get over it. The other particularly dodgy ride I remember seeing is that 'snail coaster' pic you posted recently Gazza (as a comparison for the Motocoaster). Shameful

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Hey, I've seen this website before, but I never knew that it was an australian company! I think the bell ride is halarious :lol: . It is soo wierd! THe capacity is only 6 people, but the ride is absoulutley MASSIVE. I think we should never, ever speek of this ride again. Really it is a shame. However, the other rides don't look that bad. Like the Star Flyer that has been a real hit at the Oktoberfest in Germany. And I've seen a lot of other parks with these installed. I think this company likes to make those over extreme looking rides. Like the Vomatron and the Sling Shot. And this other ride that really caught my eye, it's called the Tornado. Does anybody have an idea on what this ride does??? :huh: . The webpage isn't finished yet so I can't see any vids or pictures other than the ones on the page linked above. It looks like they have small motor attached to either side of the carrige, to make it flip/spin I think. And the wires that are holding onto the car don't look really strong.

It would be great if that compny got in to the coaster buisiness.
NO, NO, NO, I don't think we would want that. I bet if a company in Australia sarts making coasters, they would sell well in all the smaller parks, e.g. Luna Parks, Adventure World. HOWEVER, what happens if they get really popular and Dreamworld, being the park it is :rolleyes: , starts thinking about buying coasters of them!! We would have no chance of a big coaster. I think it would be better for the Aussie parks to continue looking at buying coasters from the major companies. I think everybody would agree with me on this one. COASTERBOY8 Edited by Coaster Boy 8
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