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I can't see any ride at the major parks derailing anytime soon. I think if a roller coaster did derail, it would be one of those traveling rides. I don't trust them and I'm sure they cut corners from time-to-time. I mean, if you are building a coaster every few weeks, surely once in a while, you're going to miss something. The Road Runner is fine. You should go to Aussie World ;)

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Park coasters are more likely to derail than traveling ones, as a travelling opperator i know how long our checks are before we open to the public. When you set it up and pull it down for so long you get familier with how it works and whats right and whats not. Why would we cut corners, that is just stupid we are in the business for fun not to bodge things up. The owners, opperators, showkids and staff all ride the rides. Cheers OZshowkid

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Do you think Ride derailment could ever happen in Australia?
what would happen if the ride faulted for like 6 seconds and it made the elevator go up before or in the middle of the second car going into the elevator?
When they do daily checks on the cars, is it still possible that a screw or bolt could come undone on the car during a sharp turn or something
if the synch had a fault, what would happen?
But my question is, if the ride broke down and your like on a difficult part such as the disco area or the lift, how do they get you out?
But, can I just ask, what would happen if you were on WWF and it caught on fire, or what would happen if you were on the Rip, and the exit chute got blocked and the whole bowl got filled with water, or what would happen if you were on TOT and there was an earthquake, or what would happen on Motocoaster and a bit of track fell off when the ride was going, or what would happen if you were on White Water Mountain and you got your period? Edited by Gazza
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The song by Midnight Oil called River Runs Red is in my mind for some reason? At Luna Park Sydney, the old Big Dipper did derail not long before the Ghost Train Fire. Most coasters have upstop wheels these days that should stop derailment, though a Final Destination 3 style catastrophic structure failure could theoretically happen, just remember if it's your time, don't dodge the reaper.

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