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Crocodile Hunter Theme Park

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I don't know if anyone else caught the story in "MSN Today" yesterday, but there was an article about Steve Irwin's latest plans (if you've not been watching the news or reading the papers, you probably have missed all the stirring that has been done about his plans to move the park to Brisbane). Anyway, he's now saying he'll keep Australia Zoo where it is, and build a Crocodile Hunter theme park in Brisbane that has the rides and more gimicky attractions rather than the wildlife (though I'm sure there'll be plenty of that). A bit of poking around the news site got me this: I think the writer starts to loose track of what he's talking about and which park is which, but from what I make of it, there's also going to be a heap spent on the Beerwah park to bring it more into the future. Anyone that's been there knows that in some/most parts, it isn't exactly "natural habitat" animal exhibits that have become the norm in the 2000's, so this'd be very welcome I think. While on this topic, anyone catch Steve on Enough Rope (season finale) a few weeks ago? After seeing that, I'm convinced he's the Marilyn Manson of the nature world. The guy's found a fantastic selling point, and he religiously sticks by it... and certainly by the sound of things, it really is working him wonders.

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Croc hunter theme park ay? Interesting move, best of luck to the guy. Agreed about the need to do up Australia Zoo. I haven't been there for many years. It was still the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park when I went. Even so, judging by what I see on the telly, I think it would benefit from a bit of doing up. Steve's got a real passion for animals, and it shows. All the people I know who've met him reckon he's as mad as a cut snake even when the cameras aren't on him, so its not really a selling point. It’s just him. He really loves animals, so he'll be big on making all the exhibits as good as they can be. I do however get the impression that he's still learning about animal Husbandry, Management, and exhibit design, and hasn't got it quite down yet. I do have one piece of information, which may be of interest here. He's very keen to surround himself with the best animal people around. He wants the best in terms of Animal care, Exhibit designers, veterinarians and the like to work for him. Here's the interesting bit, he's supposedly interested in getting people to work who don't necessarily work with Australian animals or any of the animals he has at the zoo. I get the feeling (as the article mentioned, wish I'd said all this first :| ) that he is going to be expanding Aussie Zoo in some big ways soon.

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