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Tripsdrill Germany

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Hey Guys. I thought I'd post some pictures of one of the smaller german parks. These pictures are from Tripsdrill which is in southern Germany and one of the most charismatic and lovely parks in the whole of germany. It is themed to the area of germany in which it is located. post-2073-1196367714_thumb.jpg The Park is mainly for families with children but i has some very good rides like: "G'sengte Sau", a gerstlauer bobsled coaster post-2073-1196367789_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367820_thumb.jpg This coaster has some serious airtime... In the same building complex there's "Badwanna Sturzfahrt", a logflume in bathtubs post-2073-1196367544_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367604_thumb.jpg It has a backwards drop and it goes through the "fountain of youth" Here's a picture of the whole Burg Rauhe Klinge with the logflume and the bobsled coaster post-2073-1196368102_thumb.jpg At the moment they're building a wooden coaster called "Mammut" next to it. In another park area there's the tilting mini free fall ride "Donnerbalken" post-2073-1196367639_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367672_thumb.jpg It goes up and down a couple of times and then it goes all the way to the top, tilts foreward and "falls" down, pretty freaky if you ask me. Right in front of the "Donnerbalken" there's the "Spritztour", its something like a Splash Battle without challenges or getting wet, its still fun. post-2073-1196368188_thumb.jpg Here's a picture of the slide the whole park started with: post-2073-1196367498_thumb.jpg There are many different rides, they're all unique in a way and really fun: post-2073-1196368061_thumb.jpg This is the second coaster in the park, a tivoli large from Zierer called "Rasender Tausenfüssler" post-2073-1196368025_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367992_thumb.jpg They have a nice rafting themed to wash tubs built by Hafema. post-2073-1196367752_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196368145_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367862_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367900_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196368235_thumb.jpg post-2073-1196367935_thumb.jpg These are some of the flat rides in the park (see what I ment by unique?). The "Flotte Schlappen Tour", the "Wirbelpilz" chairswing, "Gugelhupf" a cake bakery themed tilt-a-whirl, "Kaffetassen" teacup ride, the "Suppenschüsseln" a nicely landscaped (like the whole park is landscaped nice) ride in soup bowls and the children flume "Mühlbachfahrt" That was it, i hope you liked the pictures and the park Tripsdrill :) Mr. Shake a.k.a. Lukas

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