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Thrillville Off the Rails Game

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It's a fair jump above the quality of the first game (which was fun anyway). I like the Whoa! components like the stunt jumps etc ... the makers have embraced the fact that physics plays no part in this particular franchise so have gone all out. While I would have preferred more carnival style midway games instead of arcade ones, it's a solid game that you can also pick up cheaply - $50 or even $40 in some places. And that was the price from the start, it hasn't come down from not selling. Coasters and everything are easily constructed. The controls are really good and the different themes are amazing. Missions and guest interaction are fun - not so much the conversations but challenging people etc. I have it on PSP and love its portability but getting a new computer in the next couple of days so will probably get it on PC. Don't expect Rollercoaster Tycoon but if you're looking for an arcade style game set in a theme park, you'll like it.

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I would actually like to see RCT2 ported over to the DS, it's a game that the DS could handle, and would probably work really well on the DS platform.
I'd say its definitely possible, someone ported Transport Tycoon Deluxe to run on the DS... (Unofficial) I doubt you'd see any big names releasing it, but in terms of homebrew games it could be done.
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