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Well you've got to be careful with that sort of thing, unless you work in conjunction with the aboriginal community, then they might mot like the idea of their beliefs being used to make money.
Well, firstly... there are some Indigenous stories that are not allowed to be told unless you are a local Indigenous elder. Secondly... to use local Aboriginal ideas to theme a ride would most certainly require you to work with the community to ensure that it is relavant to the local family group (as you said). And thirdly... they wouldn't mind it making money as long as they saw a portion of it go to the local community. Personally, I would be a big fan it if done correctly, it could found itself in true Australian culture and celebrate the richness the traditional custodians of the Coomera area possess.
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^ I'm Aboriginal, from this area. The tribe is called "Bundjalung". We don't have the legend of the Minka, it comes from further south. I know that my community would be happy to see a themed land based around Aboriginal culture. My aunty is actually a elder that has the most knowledge about our tribe legends/myths on the Gold Coast/Tweed area. This page shows both my relations (first two) Dreamworld can do this if they put there mind (and money) too it. Phantasialand (Europe) has already pulled-off the culture experience with there new themed land : Deep in Africa

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As cool as having an aboriginal themed area im not sure DW would build something that can't have a 'brand' applied to it. Im not sure having a [brand] Aboriginal Area would go down well. I get the feeling that DW are very interested in applying themes/rides with 'sponsorship' in mind now days. Maybe they could re-do the Eureka area to the 'BHP-Billiton Mining Land'. LOL

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^See, you are on the right track, it has a commercial tie in with a brand name, so it's right up DWs alley, heck it even has a giant Pepsi can you go through: http://www.rcdb.com/m/ig775.htm?picture=3 The coaster itself seems pants to me though, definitely a fair bit behind what B&M and Intamin make.A coaster that tall should have a lot more airtime hills, and the drops should be a lot more steep. That thing seriously looks like it was made in RCT. Too bad Arrow aren't even in business anymore. Pov here if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1HHQfuVJNg

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