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I have just got back from a great day at Movieworld and boy am i still recovering from riding Superman and Batwing, not once but twice haha. I went with a friend and we first watched the park opening then went to go to Scooby Doo but it was closed so we made our way to Wild West Falls and did that, it was a walk on, infact the whole day was pretty quiet. In WWF i saw the guy that shoots you as you go up before the final drop for the first time, i was like wow was that always there. After the WWF we walked past Scooby and it was still closed so we went and did the Batman Simulator. After that came Superman, as i was hiring out a locker and typing in my pin and colour i was absolutly ****ting myself. The wait was about 30mins. The whole time i had to listen to the MRT guy talk about how many G forces i was going to experience and i kept thinking why do you have to remind me. We went through door 4, the second last one, through the whole pre-launch bit i was ****ting myself so bad my friend just laughed at me and i was like shut up. Then we stopped. I pushed myself back into my seat and head back then bam. I must say, im not a fan of the launch, it seems to ease off once your outside which is good, the moment im outside i enjoy it especially from the bit at the top of the top hat and your pretty much right out of your seat. over the airtime hills is great fun. While getting mystuff out of the locker i was visably shaking haha. After Superman we watched the Stunt Show and the whole team was really on their game to today and was probably the best performance of the show i have seen, al the actors really got into to it today. We then made ourway to Scooby which was open and a walk on, the lights were on in the final room which is the first time in ages i have seen them on, the way they are ment to be, all other times has been pitch darkness and you couldnt even scooby say escape out of here. Now came batwing, after experiencing Superman i was a little less nervous but still pretty freaked out. This ride was great from the moment you practicly jump out of your seat and the legs fling up. It was a pretty crazy and unreal feeling. After this we made our way to Shrek 4d where the person who introduces you before the piggies and the mirror talk was just unreal, he added so much to the speech that he must of made up on the spot because i've never seen any other people do it he had great enthusiasim for the job. After this we did the two main rides in WB kids. The Loony Tunes river ride and Road Runner Rollercoaster. We then did a second ride of WWF, Scooby Doo, Batwing and Superman. Batwing and Superman were definatly more enjoyable the second time as i was stressing less about it, but i was still stressing a bit ;). Anyway that was my day today at MovieWorld and the day I rode my first major roller coaster.

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Cool day! The first time I rode Superman escape was the halloween night this year and I havent even been on Batwing spaceshot yet :D. Im glad the day was quiet for you last school term holiday the park was too packed out, they had to close scooby-doo queue, it took 1 and a half hours to get on Wild west falls! :o!

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Hey Shadow! Glad you went on SE and Batwing. They're heaps of fun. I was at Movieworld a couple of weeks ago. We ended up hanging out with a couple of girls from Toowoomba who hadn't been before. They weren't going to go on Superman Escape but we talked them into it. One of them was freaking out as we got closer to the front of the line and nearly chickened out. But as soon as we finished the ride, they both literally ran back into the line to do it again! Once you get over that fear and actually do it - you have so much fun!

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