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Trying to find RCT3 custom scenery!

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Wow. It's very hard to find working links to most scenery packs. :huh: Everyone relies on Vodhin/RCTRevalutions (their spelling not mine) but every time I try to download from those sites, I get an 'out of bandwidth' message. Is there some other site I could use? I'm particularly looking for DRP Ambience, Pumper SteelWorx & the Eletigna's sets but would be great to have the latest innovations like animated doors, tubes etc. If someone is able to upload some and provide links, that would be awesome. :lol:

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Guest jake-train

hay the's any one no where i can get some: Rail Road stuff like signals and lights that would be great. orso can u get like track bits for the trains so that like Crosstracks. thaxs.... :D

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