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Dreamworld Mine Ride gone off the maintance page

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I simply cannot understand why DW just leave this ride shut, I mean do something about it! Demolish or Restore! It is simply ridiculous from a business point of view Example , An Airline..... They have an aircraft that has broken down (u/s un-servicable) Do they just leave it there sitting on the tarmac, for the one day when the parts they need simply fall out of the sky? No they find the parts and get it back into the air! Or if its beyond repair its Sold or Scrapped! Admittedly every flight an airline does makes $$ and having a roller coaster closed isn't costing them money, But its bad for Queue times and people in general seem to love (LOVED) that ride. I think DW need to wake up and sort out the gold rush area!!! Anyhow thats my rant LOL In addition to this i am pretty confident that if....... DW charged for each ride rather than just the all inclusive entry something would have been done about the mine ride already!

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