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fave ride at luna park

fav ride  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. fav ride

    • wild mouse
    • flying saucer
    • rotor
    • coney island
    • spider
    • tango train
    • ranger
    • ferris wheel
    • dodgems
    • tumble bug
    • don"t know
    • don"t care
    • can"t deicide

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  • 2 months later...
They are all crap 2nd hand carnival rides so I voted for don't care. But if I was forced the only ride that comes anywhere close to slightly decent is the Wild Mouse... and that is just because it is the closest thing at the park to resembling a coaster
I must say GoGoboy I find your view on the current rides at LPS quite harsh. IMHO they are not crap 2nd hand carnival rides. Sure ,agreed, they could be presented in a much more aesthetic way by the park (via the use of SOME of themeing-even the use of a elaborate bridge would be welcomed!!) but the rides themselves are not inherently bad!! Most of the current lineup are NOT travelling models and the majority are made by HUSS, which does have a very good reputation for these type of rides. Also, the rides are fairly unique in Australia ,with the Flying Saucer and the Tumblebug being the ONLY examples of this type of ride in the country!! There are also many examples of copies of LPS rides being utilised in other MAJOR theme parks around the world which would seem to indicate that these rides are fairly successful and satisfy the public's demand for this type of attraction. Upon reflection, it can be shown that LPS does have a number of unique attractions. 1) Coney Island- One of the last surviving examples of a 1930's funhouses in the WORLD. Worthy of all the respect and nostalgia that it receives. 2) The Wild Mouse- One of 3 left in Australia and 1 of only 5 left in the WORLD. Another attraction which deserves heritage listing. And yep-it is classified a coaster 3) The Rotor-The only surviving example of this type of ride in Australia and one of the few in the world. 4) The Tumblebug,The Spider,The Ranger and The Flying Saucer-All Huss rides. All good examples of a spin and spew ride and ones that are heavily utilised by theme parks around the world. Their uniqueness in Australia has been noted earlier in the post 5)The Tango-A funfair staple and a good example of this type of ride. 6)The Carousel-A beautifully restored example that must be kept at the park. Its inclusion gives the park that much more character. Don't get me wrong-I dont for one minute believe that the current ride lineup is the absolute best that LPS could offer.However ,I do firmly believe that the current ride lineup could be greatly enhanced by small bridges or themeing which would remove that carnival type aura that does surround them at the moment. LPS should attempt to at least make their rides feel more like a permanent attraction rather than the temporary feel they have attached to them at the moment. Obviously the park is far from perfect. That has been noted upon these boards time and again and I am in absolute agreement with these views. However, if the current attractions were enhanced and new ones introduced,(The current ride linep and attraction list MUST be increased) then LPS would definitely be heading in the right direction. Just my 2 cents worth :D Cheers Jobe
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