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Steel Coaster Poll 2007

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Its that time of the year again, Mitch Hawker has released the 2007 Best Steel Coaster Poll at Its worth doing because the process used in ranking the results is best practice and stops the poll from being a popularity contest. Ill be doing it for the first time ever given I have ridden a decent number of coasters now (And this seems to be the case for a few other members), but anyone can do it regardless of how much you have ridden. If the spreadsheet method of ranking rides is too hard, this site has an easy to use applet that you can just click through to do your ballot. Now last year our collective high ranks managed to get Superman at MW to 16th spot, which is pretty respectable. Maybe we should collectively give Motocoaster low ranks and put it in its rightful spot :P ,though I'm guessing it will end up there naturally.

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Bahaha, it debuted second last out of all the coasters in the world! Out of the 10 people that rode it, it lost 50 mutual comparisons, and only won one. Superman Escape has slipped down to 35, but you know, that is a pretty realistic reflection IMO actually, last year people did bump it up a bit. For those who are interested, here are how the Australian coasters that were included on the ballot fared against each other: Superman Escape Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Tower of Terror Crazy Coaster (Travelling)*1 Turbo Mountain*2 Lethal Weapon*3 Corkscrew*4 Cyclone Metropolis*5 Rugrats Runaway Reptar*6 Mick Doohans Motocoaster *1 Ranked as "Favourite spinning mouse" *2 Ranked as "Favourite Jet Star" *3 Ranked as "Favourite Vekoma SLC" *4 Ranked as "Favourite Loopscrew" *5 Ranked as "Favourite Galaxi" *6 Ranked as "Favourite Vekoma suspended family coaster" Going by the rankings of similar rides, Surfrider would rate roughly equal to SDSC.

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