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Hi, I am travelling to the Gold Coast in March and will be visiting Wet 'n' Wild for sure! Definitely want to spend at least 1 day there, but I might be interesting in going again a few days later... however, I don't want to buy the 2 day ticket just in case I decide that 1 day was enough. Does anyone know if Wet 'n' Wild sell a cheap 2nd day return pass in the park? (ie. an upgrade to the 2 day pass) Thanks

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bomberman are you an Essendon supporter?
Yes I am... how'd ya guess!!! :P
Wet'n'Wild does sell 2 day passes, the prices are as follows: ADULTS $67.50 $67.50 CHILDREN (3 - 13 years inclusive) $43.50 $43.50 PENSIONERS (with Government Card) $43.50 $43.50
Yes, I know they sell a 2 day pass, but the point is that I am not sure if I need the 2nd day or not and would have a much better idea of knowing if I want a return visit after I have spent the a day there. I don't want to buy a 2 day pass then to find that 1 day was sufficient. This is where a return ticket option would be good for me.
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Thanks everyone. Just to be sure, I sent an email to Wet 'n' Wild last night and they confirmed today that an upgrade is available whilst in the park... $22.50 per adult and $14.50 per child.

Are you a member or supporter? I've been a member since 94.
Can't remember the first year I joined, but I have been a member on and off for quite a few years now, probably since the mid-90's too (sometimes didn't get a membership due to financial reasons or when I worked interstate)... although I have been an ongoing member for 3 years now.
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