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This one's my favourite...

You will have easily play it through online. I am still playing this game through the online with multi quote. It is really very epic and also interesting. I am sure that You will enjoy it through very well,
Playing Guitar Hero 3 with multi quote? LOL

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My user name is Cruiseshipfan , If you want to add me just say you are from Parkz. The games I have are:

  • [*]Green Day Rock Band [*]Ironman 2 [*]Modern Warfare 2 [*]Black Ops [*]Transformers: War For Cypertron [*]James Bond: Quantium of Solice [*]James Bond: Blood Stone [*]Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [*]Sims 3 [*]Turning Point Fall Of Liberty [*]Need for Speed Hot Pursuit On Pre Order [*]Modern Warfare 3 [*]Battlefield 3

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Yeah I have a PS3, if you got LittleBigPlanet or GTA V add me as: altontowersnerd.

Ok here's my games i got for PSN:-

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • GTA V
  • GTA IV
  • Fairytale Fights
  • LBP2
  • LBP Karting
  • Disney Universe
  • Disney Infinity
  • The Simpsons Game
  • Create (PS Move)
    The Shoot (also on PS Move)
  • Sonic and Sega: All-Stars Racing
  • Mod Nation Racers

Loads of great PS3 games that I enjoy playing and being online.

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