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Hi all, I have a random question to ask. I was just wondering if anyone had seen two sumerman escape trains on the track at the same time. Is it posible? ;)
No if there is two trains on at one time the block system goes in place which means that you will only see a train come out once at a time with a minute gap Sorry if im wrong again
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A block system is usually a system of sensors and breaks which control and monitor the position of each train at every moment. For example: (BASIC example) A train leaves the top of the lift hill, does a couple of turns and what not, and then heads into a mid-track break run, then continues on into more turns and into the station. The section of track between the hill and mid-track breaks is called a block section, and the section of track between the mid-breaks and station is a block section. These breaks and sensor system only lets one train in that section at a time. It's a safety measure to make sure only one train is in a section at a time and that the trains are kept a safe distant apart. This system can be more highly complex depending on the ride, or more simple. If I'm totally incorrect, feel free to correct. I'm not at all sure how the block section on Superman works, so I'm not going to comment. Leave that to someone who actually knows.

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To my knowledge, with Superman, the two stations are considered blocks, with the rest of the track being the other. Once one train leaves the despatch station, and clears the launch, the train from the unload station will progress through to the despatch station, leaving the unload station free to receive the train that has just been launched, and the empty train to be filled, ready to be launched.

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