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The Sydney Morning Herald has just reported that Disney has apparently 'eyed off' the Sydney White Bay site as a potential for a park or something... In true dreamworld_rulz style, here's a cut and paste of the article :P

THE Walt Disney Company has been eyeing off a prime piece of real estate on Sydney Harbour as it seeks to expand its global empire of theme parks and resorts. The State Government has confirmed Disney recently held unsolicited discussions with the Department of State and Regional Development about the redevelopment of White Bay, a working port next to the Anzac Bridge. A spokesman for the Minister for State Development, Ian Macdonald, would not elaborate on what was proposed during the discussions, saying only that they took place in the past few months and had been discontinued. Disney, which has 11 theme parks, eight resorts and a cruise line across three continents, was one of a number of unnamed companies that have approached the Government with unsolicited proposals for the site, the spokesman said. There were no "active concepts" at present, he said. A spokesman for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, John Nicoletti, said his company was constantly exploring opportunities to grow. "As part of that process, we have conversations with lots of entities," he said. "And, while Australia is an attractive market, at this time we have no plans for this region." He would not comment on what Disney had envisioned for the White Bay site, including whether it was for a Disneyland theme park, a Disney resort or some other venture. The Government has established the Bays Precinct Taskforce to formulate a development strategy for White Bay, Glebe Island, Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay. Details are expected to be released when the sub-regional strategy for Sydney's inner west goes on display this year. The executive director of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce, Patricia Forsythe, said a Disneyland at White Bay would be a wonderful opportunity for Sydney. "It is a spectacular site worthy of an iconic development," she said. She said a world-class arts facility would also be suitable. The secretary of the White Bay Precinct Committee, Christina Ritchie, said locals must have a say on the site's development. She could not comment on the Disney discussion without more detail.
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The Australia government has disclosed talks took place between their Department of State and Regional Development with the Disney company. The property which was discussed is White Bay located at Sydney Harbour. This is considered one of Sydney's most desirable locations and is part of a recently formed taskforce which will monitor development of this sector. When asked about the talks which took place several months ago, John Nicoletti, a spokesman for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts stated "As part of that process, we have conversations with lots of entities. And, while Australia is an attractive market, at this time we have no plans for this region." A government spokesperson stated that the talks were discontinued and provided no details as to what was discussed for this region.

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