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It's more complex to use, It's taken me several months to manage to create a coaster that was actually decent. The end result is No Limits will turn out ALOT better. I mean look at this re-creation of Deja Vu on No Limits! And them compare it to something in RCT3. dejavu5hg.jpg NOTE: I did not make this re-creation, I just found it on google.

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yeah once you learn how to use it its really alot of fun i much prefer it over RTC. but i played RTC at my friends and i want to get both games but i need some cash first.
Yeah, Roller Toaster Cycoon isn't anywhere near as good as NL if you're after simulation. No Limits is more of a designer than a game, if you just want to burn time get RCT3.
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Bumping a post rather than creating a new thread, since it's on a similar topic. Was mucking around today with NL and came up with a woodie. Though I'd post it up here and see what you guys all think. Following the lift hill is this high turn: post-224-1218175949_thumb.jpg Overhead shot: post-224-1218175938_thumb.jpg Wide Angle shot of the Back End: post-224-1218175927_thumb.jpg Zoom-In between the Rafters: post-224-1218175913_thumb.jpg Download (ZIP) file: Creator.zip

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