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Sea World gallery updates to come shortly

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Yesterday, after initially disappointing weather, it managed to pull through and we got a nice day down at the Gold Coast. I also managed to snap 264 photographs all day, which means a fairly big and all-inclusive update to the Sea World gallery. This sets the tone that I want to carry through with future updates, where instead of relatively small ones with 10 or 15 photographs, I'll have 100 or 150 in each gallery. It'll be a lot to get through, but it'll make for some very complete galleries. The video I mentioned in another thread (for those that haven't read, essentially a small film of 15 or so minutes, capturing what Sea World is), will also hopefully be on the way in coming weeks. I haven't yet looked at the footage we took, but I'm sure there'll be enough to work with.

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I'm in the process of finalising the new Sea World gallery. I've got 75 photographs in total in the new one, with 30 of Corkscrew and 12 of my favourite photos of all time of Polar Bear Shores. A few of these photos make an appearance in the Total Thrills Calendar. We need more sales, ASAP! Deadline is Wednesday the 3rd - four days from now. If I can't sell the minimum of 15 calendars, I'll have to cancel the order and refund the money to those who have purchased them, which I don't want to have to do! Support Total Thrills, as well as those who have purchased them by just spending $25 (which isn't too bad for a calendar) on this sweet calendar featuring 13 of Australia's best rides and attractions. Order Now!

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I know its a bit of a classic SW shot, but I can't go past this photo of the Corkscrew Monorail combo. This photo gets my vote for most artsy photo in the update gallery, with this photo coming in a close second. As for the Polar Bears, this delightful photo of Lutik in the water would have to be one of the best one going around, while this photo takes the cake for one of the best underwater photos of the bears. Keep up the good work Rich, looking forward to seeing what you come back with from America!

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