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Yeah you guys can laugh all you want My mail is the big wigs from both Cedar Fair and Six Flags heard about Dreamworlds 6th thrill ride and flew immediately out here to check the thing. They were so impressed with the sheer speed, height and overall thrilling experience they quickly contacted Intamin to order one of these masterpieces. Now it will be a race to see who can open theirs first. I guess it will take some heat of the unbearably long ques at such rides as Millenium Force and Top Thrill.
Sorry if its not a rumour but thats so stupid and i hope it is a rumour Edited by PixelPushed

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Some idiot told me that Cyclone would get 3 trains. EDIT: Can you delete the posts that simply say 'lol'?

Edited by ash.1111

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Oh Crap where do I start?

  1. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster cars have laser eyes that detect fire, and independant motors in each car capable of reversing the cars back up hills and away from danger in case of fire
  2. Village will restore the theming to WWF
  3. Disney sold out to Universal
  4. A new one that only came on the boards recently - Apparently "Warner Village Theme Parks" will buy all SixFlags and Busch Parks. ----- All Six Flags Parks to become Warner Bros Movie World (crap thats a lot of theming to change.....
  5. A B&M has been coming to <insert park of interest here> in Australia, at least once every year. I'm still waiting
  6. Oh Yeah - Scooby Doo's Roof is designed to retract like a stadium in case of fire too
  7. Apparently Banana Benders can't get Banana Milk?
  8. Sea World - Killer Whales - Nuff Said (thats been going on for how long now? they killed the plans decades again)
  9. Heres a Shifty Classic - Apparently, Dreamworld is buying Bush Beast and will relocate it, one beam at a time
  10. The same rumor as above, with about half of the rides from Wonderland
  11. Here's a CRAZY Rumor - Everything wonderland did up until closure was for the benefit of their guests, and was not just a measure in cost-cutting
  12. Expedition Everest does not contain the bodies of two workers trapped during construction
  13. The Berries at Knotts Berry Farm are not freshly picked on the premises daily.
  14. Yes, Tigger has belted the crap out of kids in a Disney Park. Yes - They deserved it.
  15. WikiPedia is your best source of information on the goings on in theme parks and the amusement industry. Don't check any other source - if it's on Wiki, you can take it to the bank, the forums, and the papers.
  16. There is a section on the Cyclone track where a second train can be housed
  17. Dreamworld Executives had been planning WhiteWaterWorld long before Wet n' Wild was built. As with everything else, Dreamworld just didn't build it as fast, and so it appeared like they were "copying"
  18. Dreamworld WILL be renamed Ocean Parade, since this is the only place they ever bother to improve or expand on a regular basis. All other worlds to shut down. Motocoaster to be renamed "waterbikes" to fit in
  19. No, Big Brother is NOT watching you. But you can tell your sister the bathroom is free, and to make sure she doesn't fog up the mirror.
  20. We all have nothing better to do than to help high school kids with their assignments, just because they happen to loosely tie the assignment to something theme park related
  21. Disney is coming to Sydney
  22. err..... Melbourne
  23. wait...... Brisbane
  24. hang on - Sunshine Coast
  25. no..... Perth
  26. wait a minute - due to the absolute lack of anything else to do and the fact that land only costs $1 per acre, they're building in Adelaide
  27. (Mickey Mouse seen with some unusual looking barrels in the back of the Disneyland Bank yesterday)
  28. This one goes back a few years - <Insert Name of Big Theme Park Company Here> "will buy out wonderland sydney in a bid to save it from the land developers" (the funny thing about this one is that half the park was already closed and deconstructed, and you had LG and several other companies building on the parking lot.
Thats about it for now... I'll drop back as I remember more...

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