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A whole lotta nothing really :P The entire thing was an exercise of standing in different rooms - so if you could call Titanic thing a "ride", then by that logic the old sound stage tour at Movie World was also a ride! You started by queueing in a preshow room which featured a bunch of props from the movie - the only real thing worth noting was a scale model of the ship that they used to film the exterior sequences with. After your first dose of Leo and Kate videos, curtains were pulled aside and you were called to board the ship by a bunch of "extras". They'd lead you up a ramp over a bed of fog onto the "ship" which was only about 10m wide, and made to look bigger by placing mirrors at each end of the set. You walked through a few corridors and ended up in a large room which was apparently the third class quarters. There were four portholes with video screens behind them at one end of the room that showed a daytime scene outside with a dock visible in the foreground. The lights dimmed, the ship 'pulled away' with a slight movement in the floor and over the next two mins you're treated to the irish dancing sounds from the movie as the view out the porthole fades to night. Suddenly the iceberg is visible, the floor shakes a bit, a pipe breaks at one end of the room and some water comes in, and the room is emptied in two halves - one half went one way, the others the other way. One group got led up through a series of staircases, through the first class gym and out onto the bow of the ship where you boarded small life rafts. The raft rotated out in 6 inch deep water, a 10 second video of the ship's propellor crashing into the water upon sinking was played, then a guy would appear, yell "Cut" and it'd all be over. If you were in this group, you survived. The other group was lead down through the engine rooms with some pretty cool pyro effects, but then you died just before "Cut" was yelled. Whichever way you went, it was a pretty underwhelming, unsatisfying experience, especially if like me you went a few weeks after the studios opened and you waited two hours to be a part of it. If you'd like to experience Titanic The Ride for yourself, lock yourself in a dark room, put a copy of "My Heart Will Go On" on full bolt, sit on a chair and get someone to knock you round a few times. Oh, and then get your mum to come in and yell "Cut" and you'll get the full effect.

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