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do you really think that they will b making a v2 rapid river and another 5 times bigger billabong beach ???????????????????????????????????? do they even own that size land and where are they even gunna fit in a rocket slide (super tubes hydro coaster) and the money where are they even getting it all from ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :blink:<_<:mellow::unsure:

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The park has a ton of space on which to build. post-88-1206595080_thumb.jpg Obviously they would have enough land to build these things, or why would they waste time and money having a master plan drawn up, and in fact ordering these rides if they didn't have a place to put them. More to the point, how would they get council approval if they didn't have the land to put these things in. As for the money, they could be using their own savings, borrowing it from the bank or whatever, they have had a very successful summer, and water slides aren't that expensive, so I'm sure they can afford it. And can you please start writing like a normal person?

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Yep, literacy - please! I could barely understand your post. As Gazza accurately stated, Jamberoo owns their land and are moving along their plans to create a Wet n' Wild style fun park here in NSW. The Eddy family have written up (or are in the process or writing up) a deal with American slide manufacturer proslide (www.proslide.com). The deal, from what I have heard, involves the masterplan of rides being constructed over a period of 5+ years. This is because Jamberoo will rely on its profit from the seasons over the next few years to finance these new rides. They envision a new tornado ride, a new bowl ride, and a new rocket roller-coaster. The coaster is due to open in 2011 and the other two 2008 (or 2009). The recent addition of their proslide Dark Mammoth (or 'The Taipan') has proved to be an incredible success for the eddy family and may lead to even more rides in the future.

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sorry to bring up an old topic, but when is this going to happen? Has construction started with the second Lazy river and Billabong beach?

and the other two 2008 (or 2009).
If they plan to build it this year, they would have got started by now. Would they? Wondercam
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Sorry to double post but i have just been to Jamberoo on the Friday of last week. It was deserted and the only ride that took time getting on was Go Karts. When i was on the go-karts i looked around for construction and I looked around the whole park. No construction. I guess they will start in the off-season. I hope no one minds but I decided I would do a little trip report on all rides. The ups and downs. I will also upload photos of Jamberoo that I took because the photos of Jamberoo on this website (Mostly Rapid River) Are not updated. Hopefully i can make it better with my so amazing photo skills :lol:;)The taipan- Fun going backwards and I always thought the one on the right was better. One operator at the top made it really slow to get on. And I think they added more holes to it as it seems there is more light in there which has actually made it worse. Chairlift- Not much to report. Good views! And we saw it brake down on friday. People on it for awhile. Surfhill- Carrying the mats up is a pain in the arse but the rides is fun and had no one there. Rapid River- Better that the last time i went on it. I don’t remember waves near the cave which made it more fun but still thought it was boring. We also got told off for throwing a tube to each other :PSplash Out Slides- These were working better that ever. You went to the top of the slides on turns and when at really high speeds. Minigolf- Fun, nothing to report. Outback bay- Freezing!! So cold!! We got in and got straight out. The waves were not that good either. So we did not come back to that ride. Tobbogan- Depends on which toboggan you get. One time i was flying down the track and next i was struggling to move. They are great and there was no complaits about the toboggan. The Rock- Fantastic! Nothing wrong there Racing Cars- First time we went no one there and we got on quickly. I was amazed to see how little cars were on the track and thought they would add more later in the day. They didn’t! They had an whole line of cars near the workshop that they could have put on. An hour it took us to get on and some cars were realy slow. Luckily I chose a fast car and i won the race B):D But still the operator was a slow moving guy seemed to be bored. Very annoying The Train- Dident go on and looked fine. Billobong beach and others- Were to old to go on. Looked fine. Theres my report. All in all it was a good day. I asked some people there wether they knew of any construction but they said no :mellow: Wondercam

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