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Fight at the easter show

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A fight involving up to 100 people has broken out on the final day of the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, leaving at least one policeman in hospital. Police said that a scuffle had broken out at about 10PM in Homebush, with the main culprits believed to be two 16 and 18-year-old women. Reports of up to 100 people gathering around the fight saw police called quickly, with one officer assaulted by the 16-year-old girl. "A male officer attempted to restrain the 18 year old, before the 16 year old allegedly kneed him in the face," a police spokesman said. The police officer was then taken to nearby Westmead Hospital, and both of the women were arrested over the fight. It caps off an end to the Easter Show which has this year experienced a significant drop in the number of people attending. About 800,000 people came along to the Easter Show, said to be the lowest figure since it's move to Sydney Olympic Park in 1998. Organisers however were said to have been pleased with the figure, given it did not take place during the school holiday period, and was scheduled to begin around the Easter long-weekend. "We knew that we weren't going to get the school holidays and we expected that the weekdays would be quiet and planned, so in light of that we're happy with the result," General Manager Michael Collins told Fairfax Media.
http://www.scopical.com.au/articles/News/4..._of_Easter_Show and here is another one
3/04/2008 6:45:00 AM. Two teenage girls have been arrested at the Royal Easter Show after a vicious fight which left a police officer unconscious. Around 100 people gathered to watch the fight between the two girls at the Easter Show at Homebush last night. Police arrived to try to restrain the 16-year-old and 18-year-old, but an officer was allegedly kneed in the face by the younger girl. The North Sydney officer was knocked unconscious - and taken to Westmead hospital with a suspected broken nose. Inspector Wayne Chaffy says the constable was turned on while trying to break up the altercation. “It’s always a concern when police officers get assaulted, and unfortunately it seems to be something that occurs regularly.” The girls were arrested and taken away for questioning - the 16-year-old from Guildford has been charged with assaulting a police officer - she's been granted bail to face court later this month.
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Yeah I know it is shocking. However, that article was rather misleading. The fight did not involve 100 people as it suggests. Instead, the 98 people just watched the fight take place. Newspaper articles here in Sydney suggested that it was a brawl - brawl or not - this antisocial behavior at family events such as the Easter Show is unacceptable. Something has to be done to stop the ever increasing violence in and around Sydney. More and more people do not feel safe in their own neighborhood - which is a sign that something is terribly wrong.

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As Pauline Hanson-esque as this sounds - apart from sending them all back to the country we know they all came from, nothing will stop these people and their antisocial behaviour. Police are scared ****less of them so what other options are there ?
Time out in the naughty corner :o
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