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Flying Coasters

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Howdy all I've been mucking around with the Flying Coaster design in No Limits. And this is what I've come up with. I call it Phoenix. I based it on the motions I imagine I would follow if I were able to fly. The support structure is a bit of a shemozzle, but for something I haven't sat down and purely worked on, I think it serves its purpose. Here's a couple of screenshots for you: post-224-1207827664_thumb.jpg post-224-1207827688_thumb.jpg post-224-1207827703_thumb.jpg Download: Phoenix.zip

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I think from riding, the only real issues I could see were that in few of the half loops (and the last one in paticular!) it slows down far too much and kills the pacing worse than motocoaster. The other thing is the realism of 'outside' loops. If you look at some of the real life flyers ( http://www.rcdb.com/m/ig1976.htm?picture=56 or http://www.rcdb.com/m/ig3793.htm?picture=27 for instance ) you can see areas that would produce strong positive G's on a sit down coaster, such as the bottoms of drops are quite drawn out due to the pressure on your chest, so in the flying riding postion, 'outside' loops might be too much. 'Inside' loops work fine though as you can see though as force lying on your back is quite bearable.

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Thanks for the thoughts Gazza. I didn't even think of that. I know what you mean about going slowly through the loops (and I haven't ridden Motocoaster, so I didn't get that reference). It does make sense with the outside loops and how much pressure it would put on your front, but the 2 included flyers with the program, it always seemed so unnatural that you'd flip onto your back to do a loop and then flip back. But good to know for future reference.

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